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The OnePitch podcast titled "Coffee with a Journalist" features the tech industry's most popular and coveted journalists.

Each week OnePitch Co-Founder, Beck Bamberger, speaks 1:1 with editors, reporters, and journalists from top tier newsrooms. Throughout the conversation she asks intimate questions about the journalist's life and career, beat and newsroom, and how many emails they deal with on a regular basis.

Nov 17, 2020

On today’s show, we’re joined by Julia Boorstin, a senior media & entertainment correspondent for CNBC. Julia joined CNBC in 2006 as an on-air correspondent and previously reported for Fortune Magazine. Today, Julia shares about the 100s of emails she received per day as a broadcast reporter, her preference for the type of pitches she wants to receive, how and why she started the Disruptor 50 list, how different it is pitching a broadcast reporter versus a digital reporter, the specific types of stories CNBC covers, and more.