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The OnePitch podcast titled "Coffee with a Journalist" features the tech industry's most popular and coveted journalists.

Each week OnePitch Co-Founder, Beck Bamberger, speaks 1:1 with editors, reporters, and journalists from top tier newsrooms. Throughout the conversation she asks intimate questions about the journalist's life and career, beat and newsroom, and how many emails they deal with on a regular basis.

Feb 28, 2023

This week on the Coffee with a Journalist podcast we sat down with Kate Davis, Fast Co. deputy editor and the host of The Way We Work podcast.

During the episode, Kate talks about what it’s like juggling multiple roles, her preferences for how to format subject lines, what you shouldn’t be mentioning in pitches,...

Feb 21, 2023

Today on the podcast we had a chance to speak with Jay Peters, a news writer at The Verge. Jay covers breaking news in consumer technology, video games, entertainment, streaming, and more. He also writes about virtual worlds, the technologies that power them, and the companies trying to make the metaverse happen.

Feb 14, 2023

Our guest this week on the podcast is Teddy Amenabar, a reporter on the Well+Being team at The Washington Post. Teddy covers internet trends spanning a wide range of subject matter from health, to climate and technology.

During the episode, Teddy shares more about the Well+Being team and their coverage, why he...

Feb 7, 2023

This week on the Coffee with a Journalist podcast we’re joined by Miriam Cross, a technology reporter at American Banker. Miriam covers banking technology and fintech specifically writing about the customer experience.

During the episode, Miriam talks about a pitch she still thinks about from over a year ago,...