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The OnePitch podcast titled "Coffee with a Journalist" features the tech industry's most popular and coveted journalists.

Each week OnePitch Co-Founder, Beck Bamberger, speaks 1:1 with editors, reporters, and journalists from top tier newsrooms. Throughout the conversation she asks intimate questions about the journalist's life and career, beat and newsroom, and how many emails they deal with on a regular basis.

Sep 27, 2022

Today on Coffee with a Journalist we’re joined by Mia Sato from The Verge. Mia is a reporter at The Verge covering digital platforms and the people who use them.

During the episode, Mia talks about deceptive subject lines, pitches she receives from The Verge tip line, a recent scoop about Etsy sellers, and...

Sep 20, 2022

Our guest today on Coffee with a Journalist is Lisa Martine Jenkins from Protocol. Lisa is a senior reporter at Protocol covering climate.

During the episode, Lisa breaks down her beat at Protocol, talks about the change in climate news coverage over the last 10 years, her process for reviewing & saving pitches, and...

Sep 13, 2022

Our guest today on Coffee with a Journalist is Max Ufberg from Fast Company. Max is a senior staff editor at Fast Company covering and managing the tech team.

During the episode, Max gives us the scoop on his pitching preferences, why it’s better to talk with a reporter or editor before you pitch them, what...

Sep 6, 2022

Today’s guest on Coffee with a Journalist is Ben Bergman from Insider. Ben is a senior correspondent at Insider covering venture capital and startups.

During the episode, Ben talks about why he’s working with familiar sources, the correlation between subject lines and headlines, advice for tying your pitch...